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The Doodle Club 

Welcome to The Doodle Club.
We are here to help you find the perfect, approved breeder for your puppy. 

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As responsible breeders ourselves we have committed to stop puppy farms by bringing transparency and providing puppy purchasers with the information they need to make a good choice. Our star programme has been designed with this in mind so you can rest assured that the hard work of choosing a good breeder has been done for you.









At the Doodle Club we believe that every dog deserves a good life!

Why Choose The Doodle Club ?

The Doodle Club is a community of  breeders that are working together to improve breeding standards and puppy practices in the UK . We have a selection of approved breeders which have committed to our standards. 






We are here to help 








Hi, I’m Judy, I have been breeding for a number of years but five years ago I decided that life in an office wasn’t for me so I gave up my job woking within the computer industry to concentrate on my dogs. I am very proud of Ripley’s Australian Labradoodles and all the puppies that I have placed in loving homes. My love of dogs and belief that they complete a family has led me to this point. I get asked all the time to recommend breeders of other breeds, its really difficult for families to find reputable breeders and people are so scared of buying from a puppy farm. So the idea of The Doodle Club was born. We are dedicated to replicate our breeding practices so families can have peace of mind that they are getting a well bred, from health tested parents, puppy that will bring them a lifetime of love and happiness.

Hi I’m Shannon, I am an experienced dog groomer and have a successful doodle grooming salon called Dashing Doodles, I have worked with multiple dog breeds but Australian Labradoodles stole my heart. I am very passionate about animal welfare and I continually update my breeding practices, as and when new knowledge and studies are available.

I was elected to serve on the board of director for WALA (Worldwide Australian Labradoodle Association) and I am keen to share what I have learnt to improve breeding practices in the UK. I have three young boys, which all play an important role in raising our puppies,

I have an excellent reputation from my puppy families and I also enjoy working with fellow breeders.  I hope to share my knowledge of good breeding practice to help and guide them.




Buying a puppy can be confusing!

But we are here to help you!

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Here at the Doodle Club we screen every breeder to ensure they pass our minimum health requirements, so you can relax and enjoy the process of finding your perfect puppy.

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