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The Doodle Club 

Here at The Doodle Club, we believe every dog deserves a good life, and breeders working collectively together can make that happen. 


Rescuing a dog can be extremely rewarding, but if you are unable to rescue a dog, it is the buyer's responsibility to make sure they are not purchasing from horrendous breeding practices and being part of the animal abuse cycle. The Doodle Club wants to help you choose an approved breeder, so you have a choice. By seeing open and honest breeding practices, you can enjoy the process of finding your perfect family pet and be comfortable in the knowledge that your puppy has had the best possible start in life.

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Our Goals








We are here to help 


The Doodle Club 

What makes us different? 

The Doodle Club is run by two experienced breeders with a vision to do better. 

The Doodle Club will require all of our breeders to abide by the minimum health requirements of their breed.  This information will be clearly visible to you.  

The Doodle Club's intention is to provide clarity, so you can make an informed choice. 

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The Doodle Club Approved 

We Check Health Testing  

Here at The Doodle Club, we issue every approved breeders dog a registration certificate, when they meet The Doodle Club health testing requirements.

This way, any prospective families will know that the breeders dog has been health tested and independently verified. 

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Registration Certificate

Make sure you ask your approved breeder to view a Doodle Club Registration Certificate. 

Each dog that has passed The Doodle Clubs minimum health testing requirements, will be issued with The Doodle Club Registration Certificate. 

The Microchip will match the health documents submitted to us. 

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Approved Breeder Logo 

Every approved breeder is issued a personalised logo to use, to prove they are a current member of The Doodle Club. 

Make sure the logo is still valid. 

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