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The Doodle Bag 


The Doodle Bag is the first thing we have put together as this is what we receive the most questions about.  It can be very daunting for a new doodle owner to understand the needs of a doodle coat, especially as coats can vary from doodle to doodle.  So, we have created guides and videos to show you how to use the doodle bag for everyday maintenance and how to keep your doodle mat free, which is very important for your doodles well-being and welfare.  We show you how to keep their eyes trimmed.   Every dog needs to be able to see properly.  How to trim your doodles face in between grooms or maybe you've decided to groom your doodle yourself!  We will also show you how to trim out a matt, if any do occur. 

This is our introduction Doodle Bag video, if you wish to learn more, please log in to our free Doodle Club private area.

At the Doodle Club we believe that every dog deserves a good life!

What is the The Doodle Club?

The Doodle Club is a community for all Doodle owners to learn and make the most out of having a doodle as part of your family. 
Judy and Shannon have created The Doodle Club to share their wealth of knowledge and experiences as they believe every dog deserves a good life.








Hi, I’m Judy, I have been breeding Australian Labradoodles  for a number of years but five years ago I decided that life in an office wasn’t for me so I gave up my job woking within the computer industry to concentrate on my dogs. I am very proud of Ripley’s Australian Labradoodles and all the puppies that I have placed in loving homes. My love of dogs and belief that they complete a family has led me to this point. I help my families all the time to raise their puppies and be the best they can be but I know there is a huge gap for many doodle owners, it's really difficult for families to find the correct information for their dog and often breeders have little experience themselves, so the idea of The Doodle Club was born. We are dedicated to replicate our information and professional advice to help all doodle owners succeed. 

Hi I’m Shannon, I am an experienced dog groomer and have a successful doodle grooming salon called Dashing Doodles, I have worked with multiple dog breeds but Australian Labradoodles stole my heart. I am very passionate about animal welfare and I continually update my breeding practices, as and when new knowledge and studies are available.

I have been elected and served on the board of directors for  (Worldwide Association) and I am keen to share what I have learnt to help all families make the most out of having a Doodle. I have three young boys, which all play an important role in raising our puppies,

I have an excellent reputation and I also enjoy working with anyone that shares the passion I do for animal welfare.  I hope to explain and  share my knowledge and experience to help you. 

One day I hope to change the world to ensure every dog to has a good life. 


So what are you waiting for? Sign up for free access to our Private Doodle Area 



Welfare - wellbeing for all of your family is extremely important. We want you to know that the majority of people struggle when getting a puppy, there is so much advice available online, but that doesn't mean that it's good advice.  The Doodle Club is committed to learning the best possible training methods, using studies from facts not opinions and our combined experience of 40 years of working with dogs. Dogs are not treated like dogs anymore, they don't have jobs in fields, but they are important members of our family and that is why doodles are so popular, because they are the ultimate companion.  Every doodle has their own needs just like a child has their own needs.  It's important for you to understand your doodles needs so that everyone in your home is happy.


The first most important responsibility is where you obtain your puppy from, the conditions and welfare of how the parents of your puppy is kept and how experienced your breeder is!  Supporting bad breeders will continue the cycle of neglect!


Here at The Doodle Club we do our very best to educate everyone about the welfare and needs of your dog so you can have the doodle you've always dreamed of, using The Doodle Club method we can help you! 

Puppy the doodle club

A good way of explaining how a good breeder feels is to compare ourselves to a baker.  We are making the best possible cake we can!  We grow our own organic ingredients, weigh out each ingredient, perfect the perfect mix and put it all together from our years of experience. Then we lovingly place it into the oven and set a timer.  It’s your job to get the cake out and make sure it doesn’t burn.  Then you must ice the cake using the guidance we have provided (which we all know is the hardest part), but it’s even harder if you go a breeder that is new, has no experience and is not breeding from their own health tested line.



Training is very important for your dog and especially for puppies, we have put together some videos that cover the basics for puppies.  We also cover food, trimming their eyes, crate training, nipping behaviour, children and puppies, how to get your puppy used to the car, best toys to buy, how to find a good breeder and we even have a free socialisation chart! 


All you have to do is sign up for free and start learning today!

Here is a sneak peak video of just a small part of the advice we offer. We hate to see dogs that are anxious of the car as they haven’t been introduced to it properly.  Using The Doodle Club method you can avoid this pitfall. 

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