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They are a cross between a Labrador Retriever and a Miniature or Standard poodle. 

Labradoodles are well known for their calm nature which comes from the Labrador retriever.

 They are highly intelligent, friendly and affectionate. They have all the attributes to be a great therapy dog, which is one of the reasons they are so popular.

Cockapoo Grooming

 Average  Full Groom
costs £45- £75

Cockapoo Insurance

 Average  Monthly 
pet Insurance 

costs £35 - £55

cockapoo raw food cost

 Average Raw Food  
costs £50 - £80

cockapoo dry food cost

 Average Dry Food  
costs £40 - £50

Labradoodle Maintenance

F1 Labradoodles can have a variety of coat types, as do many crossbreeds.

labradoodle breeder uk
Labradoodle breeder uk
Labradoodle breeder

Labradoodle Training 

All puppies require training, and we strongly recommend you attend regular puppy training classes. Early environmental training will set your puppy off to the best start. 


Ask your breeder what environmental training they have done prior to the puppies leaving them?  

Most Labradoodles have a moderate energy level, so they will require lots of walks and boredom buster games that will simulate their minds. 

labradoodle breeders
labradoodle breeders
labradoodle puppies uk
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